Being a Successful Hunter – Do Guided Trips Help?

If you are going to hunt, there are some guided hunting trips that you can do. Usually, people are using gun to hunt wild animal. The first weak point is the head. The head is where the presence of the brain that we know, all of the brain is the nerve center of all living creatures, so if this part can be directly exposed to the firing, it will be disabling.

Being Successful Hunter – Guides

The hunters usually prefer this part because it feels easier in the lock target. But also keep in mind, because of the nature of the brain that is soft and is the nerve center of the brain is protected by the skull (bone) that is hard according to guided hunting trips.

In some of the hunted animal his size medium to large shot using PCP imports in this section can no longer survive, can not even run away although in the end still falling (dead).a

The second weak point is the eyes and ears. In this section is not deadly but could cripple our target, so we still have to look at the size and effectiveness of the weak points of each game.

There is an experience, when I was hunting in the forest with my friends, middle of the road bumped deer according to guided hunting trips, because we are only armed with two guns of import we got confused determine the weak points the target, it was decided we were shooting on the ears moreover accidental fugitive facing sideways.

This decision was made with consideration of PCP import caliber rifle bullet could penetrate 4.5 cranium or heart and what if miss, at least still on the head of a deer.

Point three is heart and liver. At this point we all know that it is the point of deadly part for a big and small game according to guided hunting trips. Point of this is much-loved addition to the weak points of the head, because it is easier and deadly.

The fourth point is leg of animals. Usually the weak point is located behind the front legs. In this section more effective if we use import PCP rifle caliber 4.5 to hunt with medium and large size. The possibility of penetrating the skin and heart for some specific animal is very difficult depending on the type of game animals themselves. The 0.22,0.25,0.35 caliber hunting rifles are used for hunting such as raccoons, squirrels, monkeys, monkey, pig, deer, etc.

According to guided hunting trips, import PCP rifle bullet can penetrate the skin of animals of this type, this is due to the strength of PCP imports far greater than local PCP.

Lastly, and in addition is the base of the throat, in this section is very effective to immobilize animal prey medium and large size is also more effective for animals accustomed to its presence in the tree.

This is because we are more easily targeted goal of this weak point (throat) of the position under consideration target game with laryngeal position under the animal.

Once again I emphasize, without any intention to teach things according to guided hunting trips that are not good but just an example, which is to shoot monkeys. As much as any deer, grouse and other large animals, when exposed fired at this point certainly collapse.


Finally, basically still in the hunt we have to be smart to look at where the weak point game, the size of the game, the position of the game itself, and also the equipment or the ability of the tools we have, for all of our success in obtaining game. Thus are tips on how to hunt with a rifle.

Hunting Guide Tips for Better Results

To hunt vermin be it boar, birds or rodents, the thing to note is to know how the behavior of prey animals and hunting guide, especially wild boar. Pigs in an area tend to have constant behavior such as grooves pork or crossings when the animal is feeding, foraging time and also time wallowing.

It needs to remember that different habitats of Boar, then the behavior mentioned above can be different as well with other habitats. Pigs in a region have its place hours, mealtimes and different grooves with pigs in other areas. What needs to be done before the hunters hunt old or new area are as follow.

Hunting Guide and Tips for Better Results

Survey the area before the hunt. If you have your hunting tomahawk you can also use it for building a blind to hide yourself. If the area is new and you have never seen a pig in the area to determine the flow of pork, where to eat, what to eat in the area and if possible its place in hunting guide, and do not forget to ask the citizens or keeper when pigs crosses or out looking for food. The survey is also to identify areas around the site if there are any houses or huts are awaited.

tomahawk usesDetermine where to wait pigs. If you want to wait a pig passing, certainly from the information obtained from the survey. The waiting can be in trees or behind a tree near a pig crossing.

If local palm and rubber plantations and usually when pigs eat the fruit of palm or rubber sounded very loud as people break the sticks according to hunting guide, we can know where the position of the pig. This is where the survey information flow needed so we could wait pigs where it will be passing near where the animal eating.

Know how the hog or pork with good response when exposed to light of a flashlight or when you meet human. Here the hunters have to think fast and move fast. If pigs are not responding and seem indifferent when exposed to light of a flashlight or meet people, we can hunt for mobile or chase the target in the area but remember that you must remain keep distances in hunting guide up to 20 meters with the animals hunted.

If pigs are silent and impressed challenging when exposed to flashlight or see people, you should consider your ability to shoot and your emotional stability. As if shots we missed, it will be fatal for both you and residents around the plantation. If the pigs ran when he saw the flashlight or man, it means that it will be difficult to hunt at night when it is dark, but can be done at the bright moon by waiting.

Determine the position of the shooter, power, pressure tubing, and the target of bullets and shoot according to hunting guide. The position of the shooter should be at a distance of 20-30 M from the target (if already an expert could be more). Power is recommended at least 3 clicks (to secure Click Full).

The pressure tube is recommended at least 2500 psi. Suggested bullet is a bullet like in the picture or 4.5 mm caliber bullets special big game. The hunt wild boar pest has existed since thousands of years ago to the present.

People hunt wild boar to catch him dead or alive to eat or just disinfect. Of all the old people hunting wild boar they use in different ways, there is the old hunting guide and there are also new ways, and to this day the old ways of hunting wild boar is also still used by people who live in rural or forest edge.

There are some ways to hunt according to guide.

Using a snare

In ancient times, people on the island of Java to catch wild pigs by using a trap or snare slap a rope tied to a bamboo rod is cut and stacked against the big tree called snare. Traps are placed on the footpath near water sources commonly skipped Boar who want to drink water at night according to hunting guide. When a wild boar through and leg straps touch slap, then a bamboo rod will be sticking to the top so that the pig legs lifted up along the rope slap. The next day, the hunter will review the catch and catch wild boar to take home. But sometimes other animals are caught, deer or antelope that are unlucky.

Using a hunting dog

Those ancient times until now also use dozens of dogs to hunt wild boar. Dozens of dogs were deployed to sniff out traces of wild boar, and after a wild boar they found them to be chased and be beaten by dozens of wild dogs and trained according to hunting guide. While the hunter is usually more than one person, they carry a whistle and a spear and a machete or gun assemblies. If the whistle is blown or the hunter shouted, then the hounds will continue to chase wild pigs wherever he fled. Once bitten and attacked by wild boar hunters, the dogs will shoot.

Hunting and Trapping Guide as a Reference

When we hunt hunting sometimes we do not only around the home or garden, but sometimes we go to the middle of the forest where the place is still very dense and alien to us. And there certainly are many dangerous plants and animals that lurk us. Therefore, we have to be careful when in the forest.

Here is hunting and trapping guide that you can see. The approximately goods that we can take or use are water drinking in moderation, shirt and long pants and a hat, knife / machete, drugs (including anti could), food taste, and mobile / HT.

Hunting and Trapping Guide

And if we are in the forest first, then try not alone unless we’ve been several times to the forest, minimum 2 people. In addition, it should be noted for us, which can trace as a reference for us back to the edge of jungle. However, if we get lost, it will be there are things we do. They are for example according to hunting and trapping guide:

  • Do not panic

  • Take a break in order to think clearly to make a decision.

  • Try to remember the condition / situation / field by relying on our senses.

  • Contact via HP / HT that other friends can find or give directions.

  • Try to hear the sound of the stream.

  • Remember which direction we go in, and look sunlight, so that we can know the direction we first.

  • To be sure beware of the forest, where there are many small and big things that we never knew and indeed dangerous for us.

Outdoor activities such as camping and hiking also are favorites of many people on the weekend. However according to hunting and trapping guide, many things really need to be considered before going into nature, such as initial preparation that will be passed to know the terrain, prepare supplies, and of course the knowledge of survival to survive in the wild if bad odds, such as lost case.

All people certainly no one wants to get lost, but it has become an obligation before doing outdoor activities to learn how to survive in the wild if you get lost. Let’s learn survival techniques!

Prioritize the Principles of S.T.O.P according to hunting and trapping guide. The most important thing when it realized that you get lost, do S.T.O.P principle (Sit down, Think, Observe, Prepare) the intention is to sit and think quietly, do not let yourself controlled by a sense of panic.

Then observe the area around you (Observe), locate the cardinal directions, find the nearest water source and mark your position with rocks or anything that can be seen from afar. Find Food.

Nature has provided everything. Even so, you’ll still need to be selective in finding food sources. Hunting and searching for tubers are to survive in the wild is the main day to feed you. According to hunting and trapping guide, avoid eating plants sticky, hairy plants, and has a striking color because it tends to be dangerous to eat.

Create Shelter. If by chance you bring a hammock, should be directly installed and the roof is made with twigs and dried leaves. Do not forget to make the waterway around you in order to shelter emergency shelter because it passed the water when it rains.

Look for Relief. Make a fire in order to give a signal and if there is a mirror. 3x reflected light to the sky is as a sign S.O.S. If you do not carry a compass, determine the direction of the wind with a standard sun at noon and find the northern constellations at night as a way to survive in the wild according to hunting and trapping guide.

Because if you’ve found the direction of the wind, you can determine from which direction you come and be the reference you to get back to the starting point of your departure.

Guided Hunts in the Wilderness – Top Two Things

Guided Hunts in the Wilderness

A moment away from modern city life and throw themselves into the natural forest wilderness is an adventure that is very interesting to do according to guided hunts. Browsing nature as not only can challenge our adventurous spirit, but also provides many benefits. Our agency will be trained to be more healthy and strong.

In addition, the air we breathe is far more refreshing than ordinary air that we breathe in the city. The beauty of God’s creation that we discover also can provide comfort and inner peace when we are in it so that a sense of stress and saturation will disappear from our minds.

However, it cannot be denied also that the activity is not without its natural cruising risk according to guided hunts. Unusual and wild place could bring us into a problem. One big problem that threatens us while browsing through nature is getting lost.

Getting lost in the wilds of nature can occur due we get lost, forgotten roads impassable, and so forth. Risks are terrible threaten us if we got lost alone in the woods, ranging from hunger, thirst, cold, fear, and many more things. To that end, the fair if people always do various preparations before exploring the natural order to avoid the risk of getting lost.

Without the need to further ado, let us refer to the following various tips according to guided hunts that we can do to minimize the risk we got lost in the middle of the jungle:

Avoid Going Solo

Some people simply prefer to roam alone in the wild. In this way, he would have more freedom in deciding all matters including the route where to go, when and how long will rest in the middle of the road, how fast it goes, and so forth. When exploring the woods alone, we also have the opportunity to reflect and dissolve in our minds.

However, on the other hand, the adventure alone in the wild have a risk of getting lost is much higher than when we went with others according to guided hunts. When we explore nature in groups, with each other will remind each other if any one of its members was wrong in determining the direction of the road. If any one direction, we would be much easier to get back to the right path because we can remember and think of solutions together. We cannot be sure whether the road that we have taken today is correct or not.

If there is nobody to go with, try to hire the services of a forest guide to accompany us across the wild. Forest guide would have been familiar with these objects so well that know which way it must be done according to guided hunts. If we really want to be alone in exploring the woods, then choose the travel path of the safest that we could finish our adventure with ease. If later we got lost too, we will tend to be more easily found by rescue team.

Stay With Your Group РAvoid Separation 

From the above points, we can realize that exploring nature together in a group will be much safer than venturing alone. However, it will all be in vain if we get separated from our group. Therefore, a group of explorer forests should set a strategy that no one member was separated from them in order to avoid the risk of them getting lost in the woods according to guided hunts.

When walking across the wild, make sure there is not a member of any separate. Do not walk away ahead of the group and the way too slow to be far behind them. Make sure our steps and all members of the group are in the same speed. Every once a while, count the number of members of the group and make sure the numbers are still the same as when we departed earlier.

When planning for an adventure with a group, select the members of your group well according to guided hunts. First, make sure they can run at the same speed as us so that no one walks preceded in front or behind.

Each person should also have the ability to hike or trekking matching the terrain will we take it later so that we would not be difficult to cross. When leaving, make sure each member is in good physical condition according to guided hunts.

How to be a Hunting Guide and Survive in the Jungle

Hunting Guide and Jungle Survival

hunting guide

By the time you adventure in the wilderness and then suddenly lost, it is necessary to know in order to avoid risks like this, especially for adventurous beginners.

Here we will share some knowledge of how to be a hunting guide as stock for you before knowing the basics of how to survive in the jungle.

Having the right survival products will put you in a better position then most. Getting lost in the wilderness is a daunting experience but having the right products will help you get out alive.

To survive in the wild is only a matter of patience, thinking healthy, and the use of grace provided by nature wisely. Just remember you need to pack your best skinning knives in case you have to dress your capture in the wilderness. Such knowledge is named as Mechanical Survival. To be able to survive there are several conditions that must be owned by an adventurer, which is like searching and finding things to eat and drink in the wilderness.

Well. If you want to know how to be a hunting guide and to survive in the forest, here we will explain what needs to be done:

Hunting Guide – Top 9 Tip

Do not be panic if you get lost

Panic is more dangerous than anything else, because it will disturb only the best tools to survive the most versatile and useful, that is your mind. At the moment you realize that you get lost, stop before doing anything else. Take a deep breath and stay calm.

Recognize around

Wherever you’re going, it will be the point of zero. Find a way to mark a cloth extra clothes, a pile of stones, a piece of paper, or anything that can be seen easily from a distance on how to be a hunting guide. Learn the basic direction, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Use this to determine the direction of the compass.

Stay in one place

This does not only improve your chance to be discovered, but also reduce the energy released by the body and the amount of water and food that you will need. Sit down and keep quiet. Others are likely looking for you, especially if you tell them about your departure plans. If you go with someone, do not to separate. You have a lot more power will help you survive on how to be a hunting guide.

Make a fire

Make fire with embers enough to keep it hot for a few hours, and make sure you have plenty of extra dry wood. Start the fire before you feel you need them and even though the weather was warm; fire more easily ignited in a state of panic easily than when the sun goes down – there was a fire near you will provide a sense of calm and secure while recognizing the circumstances.

Give your location signal

Make a noise by whistling, shouting, singing, or hit the rocks with a rock. If so, mark your location that can be seen from afar on how to be a hunting guide. If you are in the mountain pasture, create three piles of leaves or stems of dark wood in the shape of a triangle. In the sandy area, make a big triangle in the sand. Three kinds of anything in the jungle is the signal of the public. You can use fire to send alarm signals. Signal of universally made with three fires in a straight line, or three fire that form a triangle. You can also blow the whistle three times, firing rifles in the air three times, or the mirror that captures the light three times.

Explore your area on how to be a hunting guide

Although you are not supposed to move around too much, you should immediately explore around to find something useful. You can find objects that others left off, whether it’s a small food cans or lighters which can be very useful. Make sure you can always find your way back to zero when looking for water, shelter, or a way home.

Find a good source of water

In a survival situation, you can survive three days without water, but when the end of the second day your body will be in a difficult situation; find water before this happens on how to be a hunting guide. Excellent water source is spring, but it’s a very slim possibility. You should also look for nearby birds, because birds usually fly around like fresh water. Drink the rest of your water, and avoid direct rationed out while drunk.

Purify your water

How rude purify water is to take the pot and heat water. To be effective are in need of bacteria, boiling water at least three minutes. You also can put water (clear) in a clear plastic bottle in the sun for six hours to kill most organisms in it on how to be a hunting guide.

Find or create shelter

Without adequate shelter, you are vulnerable to many things and at risk of hypothermia or heatstroke, depending on the weather. If you are not dressed properly according to the weather conditions, it is much more important to find shelter. And fortunately, the forest is filled with tools and resources that can be used as a shelter and fire (for warmth, safety, and the goal of sending a signal).