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Being a Successful Hunter – Do Guided Trips Help?

If you are going to hunt, there are some guided hunting trips that you can do. Usually, people are using gun to hunt wild animal. The first weak point is the head. The head is where the presence of the brain that we know, all of the brain is the nerve center of all living […]

Hunting Guide Tips for Better Results

To hunt vermin be it boar, birds or rodents, the thing to note is to know how the behavior of prey animals and hunting guide, especially wild boar. Pigs in an area tend to have constant behavior such as grooves pork or crossings when the animal is feeding, foraging time and also time wallowing. It […]

Hunting and Trapping Guide as a Reference

When we hunt hunting sometimes we do not only around the home or garden, but sometimes we go to the middle of the forest where the place is still very dense and alien to us. And there certainly are many dangerous plants and animals that lurk us. Therefore, we have to be careful when in […]

Guided Hunts in the Wilderness – Top Two Things

Guided Hunts in the Wilderness A moment away from modern city life and throw themselves into the natural forest wilderness is an adventure that is very interesting to do according to guided hunts. Browsing nature as not only can challenge our adventurous spirit, but also provides many benefits. Our agency will be trained to be […]

How to be a Hunting Guide and Survive in the Jungle

Hunting Guide and Jungle Survival By the time you adventure in the wilderness and then suddenly lost, it is necessary to know in order to avoid risks like this, especially for adventurous beginners. Here we will share some knowledge of how to be a hunting guide as stock for you before knowing the basics of […]