How to be a Hunting Guide and Survive in the Jungle

Hunting Guide and Jungle Survival

hunting guide

By the time you adventure in the wilderness and then suddenly lost, it is necessary to know in order to avoid risks like this, especially for adventurous beginners.

Here we will share some knowledge of how to be a hunting guide as stock for you before knowing the basics of how to survive in the jungle.

Having the right survival products will put you in a better position then most. Getting lost in the wilderness is a daunting experience but having the right products will help you get out alive.

To survive in the wild is only a matter of patience, thinking healthy, and the use of grace provided by nature wisely. Just remember you need to pack your best skinning knives in case you have to dress your capture in the wilderness. Such knowledge is named as Mechanical Survival. To be able to survive there are several conditions that must be owned by an adventurer, which is like searching and finding things to eat and drink in the wilderness.

Well. If you want to know how to be a hunting guide and to survive in the forest, here we will explain what needs to be done:

Hunting Guide – Top 9 Tip

Do not be panic if you get lost

Panic is more dangerous than anything else, because it will disturb only the best tools to survive the most versatile and useful, that is your mind. At the moment you realize that you get lost, stop before doing anything else. Take a deep breath and stay calm.

Recognize around

Wherever you’re going, it will be the point of zero. Find a way to mark a cloth extra clothes, a pile of stones, a piece of paper, or anything that can be seen easily from a distance on how to be a hunting guide. Learn the basic direction, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Use this to determine the direction of the compass.

Stay in one place

This does not only improve your chance to be discovered, but also reduce the energy released by the body and the amount of water and food that you will need. Sit down and keep quiet. Others are likely looking for you, especially if you tell them about your departure plans. If you go with someone, do not to separate. You have a lot more power will help you survive on how to be a hunting guide.

Make a fire

Make fire with embers enough to keep it hot for a few hours, and make sure you have plenty of extra dry wood. Start the fire before you feel you need them and even though the weather was warm; fire more easily ignited in a state of panic easily than when the sun goes down – there was a fire near you will provide a sense of calm and secure while recognizing the circumstances.

Give your location signal

Make a noise by whistling, shouting, singing, or hit the rocks with a rock. If so, mark your location that can be seen from afar on how to be a hunting guide. If you are in the mountain pasture, create three piles of leaves or stems of dark wood in the shape of a triangle. In the sandy area, make a big triangle in the sand. Three kinds of anything in the jungle is the signal of the public. You can use fire to send alarm signals. Signal of universally made with three fires in a straight line, or three fire that form a triangle. You can also blow the whistle three times, firing rifles in the air three times, or the mirror that captures the light three times.

Explore your area on how to be a hunting guide

Although you are not supposed to move around too much, you should immediately explore around to find something useful. You can find objects that others left off, whether it’s a small food cans or lighters which can be very useful. Make sure you can always find your way back to zero when looking for water, shelter, or a way home.

Find a good source of water

In a survival situation, you can survive three days without water, but when the end of the second day your body will be in a difficult situation; find water before this happens on how to be a hunting guide. Excellent water source is spring, but it’s a very slim possibility. You should also look for nearby birds, because birds usually fly around like fresh water. Drink the rest of your water, and avoid direct rationed out while drunk.

Purify your water

How rude purify water is to take the pot and heat water. To be effective are in need of bacteria, boiling water at least three minutes. You also can put water (clear) in a clear plastic bottle in the sun for six hours to kill most organisms in it on how to be a hunting guide.

Find or create shelter

Without adequate shelter, you are vulnerable to many things and at risk of hypothermia or heatstroke, depending on the weather. If you are not dressed properly according to the weather conditions, it is much more important to find shelter. And fortunately, the forest is filled with tools and resources that can be used as a shelter and fire (for warmth, safety, and the goal of sending a signal).

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