Hunting Guide Tips for Better Results

To hunt vermin be it boar, birds or rodents, the thing to note is to know how the behavior of prey animals and hunting guide, especially wild boar. Pigs in an area tend to have constant behavior such as grooves pork or crossings when the animal is feeding, foraging time and also time wallowing.

It needs to remember that different habitats of Boar, then the behavior mentioned above can be different as well with other habitats. Pigs in a region have its place hours, mealtimes and different grooves with pigs in other areas. What needs to be done before the hunters hunt old or new area are as follow.

Hunting Guide and Tips for Better Results

Survey the area before the hunt. If you have your hunting tomahawk you can also use it for building a blind to hide yourself. If the area is new and you have never seen a pig in the area to determine the flow of pork, where to eat, what to eat in the area and if possible its place in hunting guide, and do not forget to ask the citizens or keeper when pigs crosses or out looking for food. The survey is also to identify areas around the site if there are any houses or huts are awaited.

tomahawk usesDetermine where to wait pigs. If you want to wait a pig passing, certainly from the information obtained from the survey. The waiting can be in trees or behind a tree near a pig crossing.

If local palm and rubber plantations and usually when pigs eat the fruit of palm or rubber sounded very loud as people break the sticks according to hunting guide, we can know where the position of the pig. This is where the survey information flow needed so we could wait pigs where it will be passing near where the animal eating.

Know how the hog or pork with good response when exposed to light of a flashlight or when you meet human. Here the hunters have to think fast and move fast. If pigs are not responding and seem indifferent when exposed to light of a flashlight or meet people, we can hunt for mobile or chase the target in the area but remember that you must remain keep distances in hunting guide up to 20 meters with the animals hunted.

If pigs are silent and impressed challenging when exposed to flashlight or see people, you should consider your ability to shoot and your emotional stability. As if shots we missed, it will be fatal for both you and residents around the plantation. If the pigs ran when he saw the flashlight or man, it means that it will be difficult to hunt at night when it is dark, but can be done at the bright moon by waiting.

Determine the position of the shooter, power, pressure tubing, and the target of bullets and shoot according to hunting guide. The position of the shooter should be at a distance of 20-30 M from the target (if already an expert could be more). Power is recommended at least 3 clicks (to secure Click Full).

The pressure tube is recommended at least 2500 psi. Suggested bullet is a bullet like in the picture or 4.5 mm caliber bullets special big game. The hunt wild boar pest has existed since thousands of years ago to the present.

People hunt wild boar to catch him dead or alive to eat or just disinfect. Of all the old people hunting wild boar they use in different ways, there is the old hunting guide and there are also new ways, and to this day the old ways of hunting wild boar is also still used by people who live in rural or forest edge.

There are some ways to hunt according to guide.

Using a snare

In ancient times, people on the island of Java to catch wild pigs by using a trap or snare slap a rope tied to a bamboo rod is cut and stacked against the big tree called snare. Traps are placed on the footpath near water sources commonly skipped Boar who want to drink water at night according to hunting guide. When a wild boar through and leg straps touch slap, then a bamboo rod will be sticking to the top so that the pig legs lifted up along the rope slap. The next day, the hunter will review the catch and catch wild boar to take home. But sometimes other animals are caught, deer or antelope that are unlucky.

Using a hunting dog

Those ancient times until now also use dozens of dogs to hunt wild boar. Dozens of dogs were deployed to sniff out traces of wild boar, and after a wild boar they found them to be chased and be beaten by dozens of wild dogs and trained according to hunting guide. While the hunter is usually more than one person, they carry a whistle and a spear and a machete or gun assemblies. If the whistle is blown or the hunter shouted, then the hounds will continue to chase wild pigs wherever he fled. Once bitten and attacked by wild boar hunters, the dogs will shoot.

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