Hunting and Trapping Guide as a Reference

When we hunt hunting sometimes we do not only around the home or garden, but sometimes we go to the middle of the forest where the place is still very dense and alien to us. And there certainly are many dangerous plants and animals that lurk us. Therefore, we have to be careful when in the forest.

Here is hunting and trapping guide that you can see. The approximately goods that we can take or use are water drinking in moderation, shirt and long pants and a hat, knife / machete, drugs (including anti could), food taste, and mobile / HT.

Hunting and Trapping Guide

And if we are in the forest first, then try not alone unless we’ve been several times to the forest, minimum 2 people. In addition, it should be noted for us, which can trace as a reference for us back to the edge of jungle. However, if we get lost, it will be there are things we do. They are for example according to hunting and trapping guide:

  • Do not panic

  • Take a break in order to think clearly to make a decision.

  • Try to remember the condition / situation / field by relying on our senses.

  • Contact via HP / HT that other friends can find or give directions.

  • Try to hear the sound of the stream.

  • Remember which direction we go in, and look sunlight, so that we can know the direction we first.

  • To be sure beware of the forest, where there are many small and big things that we never knew and indeed dangerous for us.

Outdoor activities such as camping and hiking also are favorites of many people on the weekend. However according to hunting and trapping guide, many things really need to be considered before going into nature, such as initial preparation that will be passed to know the terrain, prepare supplies, and of course the knowledge of survival to survive in the wild if bad odds, such as lost case.

All people certainly no one wants to get lost, but it has become an obligation before doing outdoor activities to learn how to survive in the wild if you get lost. Let’s learn survival techniques!

Prioritize the Principles of S.T.O.P according to hunting and trapping guide. The most important thing when it realized that you get lost, do S.T.O.P principle (Sit down, Think, Observe, Prepare) the intention is to sit and think quietly, do not let yourself controlled by a sense of panic.

Then observe the area around you (Observe), locate the cardinal directions, find the nearest water source and mark your position with rocks or anything that can be seen from afar. Find Food.

Nature has provided everything. Even so, you’ll still need to be selective in finding food sources. Hunting and searching for tubers are to survive in the wild is the main day to feed you. According to hunting and trapping guide, avoid eating plants sticky, hairy plants, and has a striking color because it tends to be dangerous to eat.

Create Shelter. If by chance you bring a hammock, should be directly installed and the roof is made with twigs and dried leaves. Do not forget to make the waterway around you in order to shelter emergency shelter because it passed the water when it rains.

Look for Relief. Make a fire in order to give a signal and if there is a mirror. 3x reflected light to the sky is as a sign S.O.S. If you do not carry a compass, determine the direction of the wind with a standard sun at noon and find the northern constellations at night as a way to survive in the wild according to hunting and trapping guide.

Because if you’ve found the direction of the wind, you can determine from which direction you come and be the reference you to get back to the starting point of your departure.

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