Being a Successful Hunter – Do Guided Trips Help?

If you are going to hunt, there are some guided hunting trips that you can do. Usually, people are using gun to hunt wild animal. The first weak point is the head. The head is where the presence of the brain that we know, all of the brain is the nerve center of all living creatures, so if this part can be directly exposed to the firing, it will be disabling.

Being Successful Hunter – Guides

The hunters usually prefer this part because it feels easier in the lock target. But also keep in mind, because of the nature of the brain that is soft and is the nerve center of the brain is protected by the skull (bone) that is hard according to guided hunting trips.

In some of the hunted animal his size medium to large shot using PCP imports in this section can no longer survive, can not even run away although in the end still falling (dead).a

The second weak point is the eyes and ears. In this section is not deadly but could cripple our target, so we still have to look at the size and effectiveness of the weak points of each game.

There is an experience, when I was hunting in the forest with my friends, middle of the road bumped deer according to guided hunting trips, because we are only armed with two guns of import we got confused determine the weak points the target, it was decided we were shooting on the ears moreover accidental fugitive facing sideways.

This decision was made with consideration of PCP import caliber rifle bullet could penetrate 4.5 cranium or heart and what if miss, at least still on the head of a deer.

Point three is heart and liver. At this point we all know that it is the point of deadly part for a big and small game according to guided hunting trips. Point of this is much-loved addition to the weak points of the head, because it is easier and deadly.

The fourth point is leg of animals. Usually the weak point is located behind the front legs. In this section more effective if we use import PCP rifle caliber 4.5 to hunt with medium and large size. The possibility of penetrating the skin and heart for some specific animal is very difficult depending on the type of game animals themselves. The 0.22,0.25,0.35 caliber hunting rifles are used for hunting such as raccoons, squirrels, monkeys, monkey, pig, deer, etc.

According to guided hunting trips, import PCP rifle bullet can penetrate the skin of animals of this type, this is due to the strength of PCP imports far greater than local PCP.

Lastly, and in addition is the base of the throat, in this section is very effective to immobilize animal prey medium and large size is also more effective for animals accustomed to its presence in the tree.

This is because we are more easily targeted goal of this weak point (throat) of the position under consideration target game with laryngeal position under the animal.

Once again I emphasize, without any intention to teach things according to guided hunting trips that are not good but just an example, which is to shoot monkeys. As much as any deer, grouse and other large animals, when exposed fired at this point certainly collapse.


Finally, basically still in the hunt we have to be smart to look at where the weak point game, the size of the game, the position of the game itself, and also the equipment or the ability of the tools we have, for all of our success in obtaining game. Thus are tips on how to hunt with a rifle.

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